Wheat Free World

Available on the iPhone App Store

WHEAT-FREE WORLD is a new, comprehensive iPhone App for
people coping with celiac disease and wheat or gluten sensitivities.
This visually appealing and easy-to-follow App is full of strategies,
resources and delicious, nutritious recipes as well as important
medical facts on celiac disease and its symptoms and diagnosis.
Created for both the individuals dealing with the disease and those
that serve them, WHEAT-FREE WORLD is an invaluable and
complete toolkit. Now available in the iTunes Store.

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Wheat Free World

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Recipe Tab

Filled with delicious, nutritious gluten-free meal and snack options, the recipe tab is divided into Sweet, Savory, Breads and Sauce sections with icons for the step-by-step cooking process and ingredients lists. The summary page contains a recipe photograph and a useful favorites tab. Each ingredients page has metric and imperial (US) conversion.

Medical Tab

Written by nurse clinician Michelle Lawton, the medical tab includes concise information on celiac disease and gluten sensitivities, including symptoms, commonality, diagnosis and screening. It informs the user about foods to avoid and common mistakes made when eating out.

Nutrition Tab

The nutrition guide, compiled by Lauren Williams, MMS, RD, describes the nutritional complications of a celiac or gluten intolerant person. The tab describes what they are missing in their diet, what they need and how to get it.

Substitute Tab

In this section, gluten-free alternatives are suggested for commonly used ingredients in both the kitchen, at home and in restaurants.

Products Tab

Divided into Essential Products for the Kitchen and Products we Promote, this section lists everything required for a gluten-free home or restaurant kitchen and connects you to the gluten-free products we recommend.

Resources Tab

Finally, the resources tab lists many useful website links to celiac and gluten-free sites as well as well-reviewed books on the subject, including cookbooks and guides to healthy, gluten-free living.

The WHEAT-FREE WORLD app for iPhone, here to help educate and strengthen the health, happiness and well-being of everyone who wants to live well without wheat.